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Mach 1 Environmental Control System

Growing quality crops has never been easier!


We bring to you the only locally made industrial grade set and forget control system for the indoor cultivation of cannabis and or the controlling of any indoor environment!

Developed by our crack team of automation engineers in tandem with experienced growers, this system sets the standard for indoor environmental control that is directly applicable to cannabis cultivators of various different skill levels. Why bother with hand watering, numerous timers, dangling wires and a fear of leaving your crop unattended, when all you need is a Mach 1 system!

What does it do?

This system controls the aspects that make up a complete indoor growing environment. Advanced temperature, lighting, humidity, dosing, air extraction and internal ventilation control are all taken care of.

Simply plug your peripheral devices into your Mach 1 Environmental control system, choose a growing recipe or compose your own and let us worry about the rest.


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Main Features and Benefits:

  • Designed to be intuitive and user friendly
  • Easy installation and supports various devices
  • Various advanced setpoint based control methods makes it possible for this system to offer very high-end levels of indoor growing environmental control
  • Feel secure about leaving your controlled environment unattended for extended periods of time
  • Emergency system stop procedures
  • System recovers itself after a power trip
  • Local support and services available!

Autogrow Systems - Mach 1 Environmental Control System

Product applicability:

High quality plug and play indoor environmental control system suitable for Cannabis Cultivation, Urban farming, Grow Rooms/Tunnels, Meat or Dairy curing facilities or for anyone in need of sustaining a controlled environment.


  • Lighting: Individual relay control of two 230VAC lights up to 10A in total. Higher wattage/amperage applications on request
  • Humidity: Supports Autogrow industrial humidity sensors, range 0-100% RH. Supports any 230VAC humidifier, preferably Ultrasonic/Cool Air Humidifiers
  • Extraction: Supports any two 230VAC extraction fans
  • Circulation: Supports two 230VAC internal circulation fans
  • Dosing: Supports Autogrow (Flojet) constant pressure pump/ Supports any 230 VAC fish tank pump

General Electrical Specs:

The standard Mach 1 Environmental Control system is designed for a 50Hz, 230VAC supply for a maximum of 16A standard RSA plug outlet. Combined loads not to exceed this rating. Higher load requirement solutions available on request.

Please feel free to consult us when choosing applicable peripheral devices for your system, or consult the Mach 1 user manual.