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AUTOGROW M1 – (210 X 120 X 200cm)


For growing with LED lighting, a reflective surface such as mylar does not contribute a whole lot to the overall light distribution and light absorption by plants. Therefore, this indoor tent is constructed from a sturdy yet collapsible aluminium frame and cover with an 800-gram block out white PVC material that is frequently used in the commercial agricultural sector.


  • Air inlets: 4 x 200mm (extraction) / 4 x 150mm (passive air intake supply)
  • Material: 800 gram block out PVC
  • Frame: Aluminium square tubing with quick connectors
  • Accessories: Inlets for irrigation main fluid supply line, 3 x Ventilation/Viewing windows, 5 x Velcro straps (Neat cable routing), Robust zipper system allowing easy access to entire inner area of tent

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